Forum Organization
  • Hosts
    • Chinese Academy of Engineering
    • National Energy Administration
  • Organizers
    • Division of Energy and Mining Engineering of the Chinese Academy of Engineering
    • Tsinghua University
    • North China Electric Power University
    • China Electric Power Research Institute
    • China Southern Power Grid Research Institute
  • Sponsors
    • State Grid Corporation of China
    • China Southern Power Grid
  • Honorary Chairmen
    • Xu Kuangdi    Chairman of the presidium of Chinese Academy of Engineering
    • Zhou Ji    President of the Chinese Academy of Engineering
  • Chairmen of the General
    • Zhao Xiangeng     Vice President of the Chinese Academy of Engineering
    • Nur Bekri    Director General of the National Energy Administration
  • Organizing Committee
    • Director:    Li Licheng
    • Deputy director:    Guo Jianbo, Liu Jizhen, Wu Guokai, Zhao Yinong, Liang Xu, Yu Jianguo
General meeting

With the rapid growth of energy production and consumption in China, the issue of energy security and environmental impact is becoming increasingly prominent. In light of the new trends in energy supply and demand pattern and international energy development, promoting green and highly efficient electric power under the guidance of China's long-term energy development plan and on the basis of ensuring safe and reliable electric power supply, is an effective measure to implement innovation driven development strategy, adjust energy structure and protect ecological environment. In view of this, on the basis of the success of the First, Second and Third Energy Forum, Chinese Academy of Engineering and National Energy Administration will jointly hold "The Fourth Energy Forum" and "'Energy Revolution and Electricity Innovation' International Engineering Technology Development Strategy Summit" in Beijing in September 2017.

The Forum focuses on the theme of "Energy Revolution and Electricity Innovation". Participants will jointly explore the strategy of global energy's green and low-carbon development and safe and highly efficient transformation, as well as the innovation development path of electric power in China. Chinese Academy of Engineering will invite more than 50 Chinese academicians and over 20 most influential overseas experts and government officials to participate in the event. Among them, 15 academicians and industry top experts will deliver speeches to share their views on the latest development and cutting edge technologies in China and global energy and electric power sector. In addition, four parallel panels will be held covering topics including electric power system and energy Internet, new energy and advanced power generation, intelligent power consumption and energy storage, energy strategy and policy, etc. The panels will discuss hot topics and bottlenecks of industry development with a view to providing a high-end communication platform for representatives from nationwide government agencies, energy research and advisory bodies, energy and electric power companies and universities and promoting the joint efforts of all parties to achieve sustainable development transformation of energy and electric power sector.

Youth Academic Forum

Sub Forum: Electric power system and energy Internet

Chairman: academician Guo Jianbo;  Vice chairmen: Zeng Rong, Rao Hong, Tang Yong

Sub Forum: Renewable energy and clean and efficient power generation

Chairman: academician Liu Jizhen;  Vice chairmen: Bi Tianshu, Wang Weisheng, Dong Xuzhu, Xu Shisen

Sub Forum: Smart power utilization and energy storage

Chairman: academician Yu Yixin;  Vice chairmen: Wang Chengshan, Sheng Wanxing, Guo Xiaobin

Sub Forum: Energy strategy and policy

Chairman: academician Huang Qili;  Vice chairmen: Zeng Ming, Jiang Liping, Chen Zheng
Contact Information of Organizing Committee
  • Contacts:PENG Yuehui (彭跃辉) 010-61773756

    ZHANG Ning (张宁) 010-59300347

    ZONG Yusheng (宗玉生) 010-59300332

  • Address:North China Electric Power University, No. 2 Bei Nong Road, Changping District, Beijing, China
  • Fax: 010-61773775
  • Email:
  • Postcode: 102206
General Information
  • Theme: Energy Revolution and Electricity Innovation
  • Time: 21-22 September 2017
  • Venue: Beijing Conference Center, No. 88, West Road of Lai Guang Ying
  • Sessions: High-end Forum and Youth Academic Forum
Important dates
  • Paper submission deadline:
    June 30, 2017
  • Date of notification for paper accepted / to be modified:
    July 15, 2017
  • The modified paper submission deadline:
    July 30, 2017